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Rejuvenate Your RV: Why Detailing is Essential for Summer Adventures

With warm temperatures, clear skies, and summertime just around the corner, there is no better time to bring out your RV and get it sparkling for the road ahead while maintaining its appearance and value! At Dennis Auto Details, we offer comprehensive packages tailored to your needs to get your RV ready for whatever trip you have planned!

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What Sets RV Detailing Apart

The team at Dennis Auto Details understands that each RV on the road is different from the next which is why we employ a wide range of products and techniques suited for your ride. Each RV contains a variety of different materials including fiberglass, aluminum, rubber on the roof and panels, and decals. Using our specialized knowledge and years of experience, we can effectively detail any kind of material and surface, ensuring your RV looks like it was just driven off of the lot!


Pricing and Services

We offer a wide range of services priced by foot, which caters to the diverse needs of RV owners and their vehicles. From a premium exterior wash to a full restoration, our pricing structure ensures transparent costs for every service we provide. While we do not currently offer interior detail packages, our add-on hourly service allows for customized interior detailing based on your RV’s needs.


For the exterior of your RV, we offer three levels of service: Basic Wash, Wash & Wax, and Wash & Ceramic. Each level of service is tailored to address different levels of dirt and provides varying degrees of protection.


In addition to washes and detailing, we also offer additional protective coatings and sealants to protect the exterior gel coat and surfaces of your RV from UV rays, oxidation, and other environmental contaminants. These added layers of protection ensure that your RV remains in perfect condition, even in the harshest conditions.


Time Frame and Size Flexibility

Dennis Auto Details welcomes all makes and models of RVs, with no size limit. From compact campers to luxurious motorhomes, we are equipped to handle it all!


For a basic level RV Detail, it takes anywhere between 2-4 hours for a wash, depending on the size of your RV. We ensure efficiency and thoroughness in all of our details to ensure minimal disruption to your travel plans.


Frequency of Detailing

The frequency of an RV detail depends on several factors including environmental conditions and the usage of your RV. As a general rule of thumb, the team at Dennis Auto Details recommends scheduling a detail every 2 months to keep your RV looking its best year-round.


Benefits of Professional RV Detailing

A professional RV detail service by the professionals at Dennis Auto Details offers several advantages over DIY methods such as the prevention of scratches and damage to the gel coat. If it is washed and cleaned incorrectly, you run the risk of deterioration to your gel coat over time. Our experienced team uses the proper tools and techniques to ensure top-of-the-line results helping your RV retain its luster and value. Additionally, our mobile services provide convenience for you to get your RV detailed at your given location by bringing expertise directly to you!


At Dennis Auto Details, we are dedicated to providing you with a variety of RV detailing services all delivering exceptional results at the right price point. Each of our services helps to enhance the appearance of your RV, but also uphold the value of your investment. Trust the team at Dennis Auto Details to keep your home on wheels shining bright, wherever the road takes you!

If you are ready to give your RV the attention it deserves, request a quote today and experience the difference a professional detail will make. Your RV will thank you!


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